The Sub

Our sub consists of a large square frame composed of Aluminum T-Slotted Framing to create a modular, robust and lightweight chassis. The electronics are dry and safely situated within the large acrylic cylinder sealed by two 3D printed ABS epoxied end caps. The brain of the sub is a NVIDIA Jetson TK1 running ROS (Robot Operating system). There is also a Teensy 3.2 running the PID system controlling six T100 Blue robotics thrusters and managing the power system that monitors the three Lithium polymer batteries. The Cameras will provide stereo vision which the Jetson board will use for OpenCV to run computer vision to detect objects underwater. Two pressurized solenoid valves  that will shoot torpedoes are mounted to the lower half of the sub. The electronics are all mounted to custom 3D printed pieces that fit perfectly into the cylindrical shape of the acrylic.